• Money Transfer, Remittance Software and Solutions
  • Integrated CRM
  • Foreign Currency Execution Platform
  • Legal Case Management systems
  • Human Resource Management

Independent Testing services

  • White Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Incremental Testing

Area of Expertise

  • Foreign Exchange
  • Travel Money
  • Legal systems
  • Payment Gateways

offshore IT solutions

  • Customised Software Application Development
  • IT Team Cost Reduction  By Up To 70%.
  • Mobile and Web Application Services
  • SWIFT Integration and Payment Services

Managed Services

  • Onsite Services
  • Platform Services
  • Cost Effective Support Contract
  • IT Asset Services

Research & Development

  • Research Driven Strategy
  • Cost-effective Development
  • Research Based Solutions 
  • Trained Software Developers

development Platforms

  • C# .Net framework
  • MVC, AngularJS, NodeJS
  • PHP, C++
  • Java full stack

Consultancy Services

  • Business mentoring Services
  • Off shore development Services
  • IT for Financial Services
  • Outsourced IT Consultancy

What you can expect from us!

  •   Availability: We are always here to deal with your project, queries. ideas or requests - we listen to understand, but most of all we take you seriously.

  •    Activity: We focus on providing highly innovative specialised services - concentrating on exact requirements and taking a detailed approach.

  •    Reliability: We have made sure that our teams pay special attention to every aspect of our products and services - creating solutions you can trust.

  •    Flexibility: We make sure we research your needs thoroughly to build systems and products that do the job you want it to do.

  •  Stability: Support at times when you want it, giving you the confidence to run your business. -  support staff with the skills, training and knowledge to deal with your issues.

What we have done so far
Consulting Services

GS Consulting Services have focused on offering a creative business consultancy to small, medium and large enterprises on a myriad of competencies; and we really mean that. We are very proud to be able to say that our services and expertise have helped many companies to flourish and expand. Our track record speaks for itself, many of the companies we have aided are now achieving increased productivity and profit, whilst others have been flexible enough to adapt to a continuously changing business environment.

Business Solutions

It is no mean feat that we have been able to provide our highly specialised and customised IT solutions to the Financial, Banking, Foreign Exchange, IT, Healthcare and legal sectors. Furthermore, our established GSLFx Interglaw and Electronic Money Platform have helped a variety of enterprises expand and grow. We also think it is significant that we have been able to deliver a suite of bespoke software products specifically  designed for E-Money institutions and Payment Service Providers to the highest industry standards.


Application Outsourcing

Not only have our Application Outsourcing services been able to assist all kinds of businesses with application maintenance and customisation, but we have been able to help such companies substantially reduce application management costs and this is a great achievement we are proud of. All the application services we have provided so far have included design, testing, release and implementation and  regardless of your domain, technology or sector, our outsourcing projects all come with our special quality of service assurance.

Human Resource Outsourcing

In the current competitive climate, HR departments need to concentrate on developing an organisational and strategic advantage and so have looked to us to provide software development solutions to assist in this challenging environment in a sustainable and cost effective way. Our clients have either hired our highly qualified developers directly to increase their team capabilities in house or have required our full-cycle software development process tailored to their specific needs, requirements, standards and complexities.

What our client's have said
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