Transferring money in a new era

Transferring money in the UK has undergone nothing short of a revolution, the main reason is perhaps obvious - speed. It is probably safe to say, and rightly so, that customers want to transfer money at the same speed as the internet, The traditional methods used by banks are going by the wayside and the quick transfer of money is now a reality. Not only that, but it is now more cost effective and easier to transfer money home or abroad. Hence, we are witnessing the growth of Fintech companies striving to supply an ever increasing  market and in some cases they are actually creating this demand due to their capabilities and efficiency.  

Reliable and Secure

However, it must also be a reliable and secure service - we understand how vital this is and that is why we have developed a range of software able to fulfil the needs of a modern money transfer market. Our software can be customised to suit your environment and we can also provide services such as consultancy and business solutions to help further expand your company and services.

We are happy to talk to you about your requirement for any of the following services, please do not hesitate to contact someone from our support team.

Personal Transfers


  • Daily or regular payments
  • Money management software
  • Remittance solutions

Corporate Solutions

  • Forex trading solutions
  • Electronic money
  • Global and online payment solutions