Quality Management

The underlying philosophy inherent in all the solutions, services and products we deliver is quality, Quality is about expectations and striving for excellence and the management of this is key. To achieve such high standards we make sure that quality control and quality assurance is our priority at all times. From our perspective, quality control is about fulfilling your requirements, whereas,  quality assurance is about how the process is performed or carried out, constantly maintaining  the quality level you want and need, To do this we pay special attention to every aspect of the system or process we are providing for you.

So, what does this mean in practice?

We have developed a quality assurance model which inspects and verifies all our products and services, making sure that all our processes are free from defects and flaws, attaining the highest level of quality you demand.

Key Testing Methodologies

White box testing

Black Box testing

Regression testing

Incremental testing

Key benefits of our approach

Identifies all errors before software release

Aids regression defect removal

Improves functional performance

Code error removal by dynamic testing

Overall life cycle cost reduction

Focuses on zero error achievement