We can deliver software to do the job you want it to do

The right software not only enables your business to provide a new service, a more efficient service, or a reduction in costs, but it can also mean the difference between your competitor winning over your customers or you keeping them and ultimately growing your company. The right software can mean the difference between failure, survival or success.

Developing successful software

We are committed to your success; after all, it will benefit us too. That’s why using our products and software will give you the tools you need to carry out your business successfully. We have gained further expertise and experience from providing our software solutions to numerous companies within various sectors who have improved business efficiency with increased quality and standards.

Our software design

We offer the following bespoke software specifically designed to your requirements and applications. Please talk to one of our support team members if you would like to know more or discuss a particular project.

  • Foreign exchange software

  • Money transfer and remittance software

  • Web and e-commerce software

  • Quality assurance software

Our GSLFx Money Transfer System

When it comes to transferring money our established software is an ideal business solution which can offer your company sustained growth in a relatively short period of time, achieving higher returns at the same time. Our online remittance system adds immediate business value to any online foreign exchange or money transfer business. The online platform gives you a dedicated solution with the versatility to handle and control daily foreign currency transactions hassle-free.

Some reasons why you should use our GSLFx software:

  • Fast, convenient and secure

  • Almost instantaneous delivery

  • Uses multiple layers of online money transfer data encryption

  • Speed and accuracy of all foreign currency payments

  • Cost and payment status transparency

  • Can reduce transaction costs and improve working capital management

  • Detailed reports are available in real-time

  • Complete control over all transactions

  • Accessible 24/7 with secure access and dedicated support

  • Fully customised online software for global foreign exchange remittance platforms

  • SWIFT connectivity and customised payment solutions

  • Anti-money laundering protection

  • Centralised administration

  • Stockbroker (Equities) trading and order management system

Some key features of our GSLFx software include:

  • User- friendly

  • Safe and Secure

  • Robust

  • Reliable

  • flexible

  • Real-time view of all customer transactions and payments

What are some of the main benefits of our GSLFx software?

  • 24/7 Accessibility

  • Compliant

  • Support from dedicated software engineers

  • Automatic and real-time email or SMS notifications

  • Easy set-up and integration process

  • Background sanction screening

  • Offers better choices and services for customers either online or iPhone/Android applications

  • Controllable permission levels for employees

  • Tracks and monitors payment status