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Do you know about technologies which are in great demand ? 

As there is cut throat competition in the market and everyday new technologies are coming in the market so its very important for every business to know and understand about the technologies that are on top most demand. Five technologies which are on top most demand by most of the organisation and you must know about them . These are some amazing technologies that are going to rule over in the next coming years, these are the technologies that are developing people's interest are:-

1. Artificial Intelligence- 
Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for machine to learn from experience and let you adjust new inputs and perform human like tasks. Using these technologies any machine operated with computer can be trained to meet specific tasks by processing the data and delivering the needed output.

2. Machine learning-
Its a branch of Artificial Intelligence based on the idea that system can learn from the data,identify the patterns and make intellectual decisions with minimum intervention of humans.

3. Deep learning -
It is a type of machine learning that trains a computer to perform like a humans,such as recognising speech,identifying images and making predictions. As we are seeing on our daily life using our electronic gazettes like mobile where we use our voice recognition for locking and unlocking the phone and also face recognition for the same.Deep learning helps the computer to recognise various patterns and processing.

4. Natural language processing -
Its a branch of AI which helps the computer to understand interpret and manipulate human language.Natural language processing helps in establishing communication between computer and humans by simplifying the basics like to read text, speak, measure the sentiments and also determine which parts are important

5- Computer vision -
Its an another important field of artificial intelligence which helps the computer to recognise, interpret and understand the visual world.

If youlooking more information about the technologies or want to share your feedback you can contact us and can share your feedback on the comments.



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IT skills that are most in demand 

As technology continues to play an increasingly important role for companies in all sectors especially in banking and financial sectors, firms of all sizes are realising the need to enhance their IT team, and looking for IT contractors , IT consultants and IT Outsourcing partners, who can meet the growing demands.

General Software is an IT company has been delivering outstanding banking and financial projects in sectors like: forex trading, money remittance, electronic money, travel Money, banking softwares etc. We also been outsourcing our many of the talented IT professionals to such firms. As working in IT is such a broad field, there are a lot of different IT skills you can go in. However, there are of course areas where the demand is higher.

Here are the IT skills that are most in demand in UK:

1- Java Script - It has held its place at number one for another year, taking a 26.5 percent share of the tags within jobs listings on Stack Overflow.This dynamic object-orientated programming language scooped 670 tags in total.

2- Java- Over 20 years since Java was launched, it is still considered one of the most popular general- purpose programming language. Around 22.9 % of the job ads in Uk and Ireland is with Java tags.

3- Python- It has skyrocketed in popularity over recent years, which is reflected in its percentage change for all IT jobs, moving from representing 5.49 percent of all IT job ads. With 398 job ad tags on Stack Overflow, Python comes in at number three.

4- C# - C# represents 15.7 percent of job tags on Stack Overflow, with 397.

5) AWS- It is one of this year's success stories comes from Amazon's public cloud offering AWS.

6- React JS - It is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces - is maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a community of dedicated developers.

7- SQL - It  remains a steady and secure choice for developers and aspiring ones.

8- Linux - It still a top skill for IT recruiters, it has dropped two positions since last year's rankings, taking 8th place.

9- .NET - It has grown tremendously since last year

10- Node.js - It is one of the all time demand in skills.

If you are looking for any of these skills IT professionals for your in house team, contact us or reach us any time.We will give you the best resources for your IT projects along with other IT support and consultancy services.

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Why to outsource technology for Fintech firms ? 

Now a days many Fintech firms are approaching the idea of outsourcing. According a survey and some of the reports it was found that many financial institutions are realising that they can save their 30% to 40% by opting the outsourcing services for their technology needs.

Lets have a look on some key reasons that can make you confident for opting IT outsourcing services for your technology needs-

1- Agility :

As there is cut throat competition in the market and everyday new technologies are coming in the market so FinTech companies can’t wait for the long time for getting the technology. In the fast moving financial markets they need solutions at fast rate and with all updates. Opting an outsourcing services partner with flexibility and scalability can keep you responsive to the changing market technology.

2-Increase in operational efficiency : 

Choosing a right outsourcing partner can help you in getting the fast operational efficiency. The right technology provider will perform many in house initiatives by utilising its best professional experts.

3- Risk management : 

Fast growing companies have more control in their market and it leads to greater stability to manage the risks. The best IT outsourcing companies always uses the technology that reinforces your business continuity. Not only this but also shortens the expenses of the firm without capsizing its operations.

4-Customer attractiveness : 

Customer response is very important for every business and keeping that in mind your outsourcing partner can provide you specialised functionality in much faster way and more reliable to serve your customer needs. The functionality and great response make the product attractive for the customers.

5- Cost savings : 

It is one of the amazing advantage of that always remains in main scenario. Opting the outsourcing partner also helps you in cost saving. We all know that hiring costs, training cost and other expenses are the major part of every Fintech company’s budget, but opting a reliable experienced outsourcing partner can help you in managing your business and resulting in great cost & time saving.

So now you can focus more on your core business and strategies using the technology outsourcing. Contact us how we can help you in providing the best outsourcing support for all your technology requirements.

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