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During the last few decades we have seen a tremendous growth in IT (Information Technology) and it has become a part of almost every industry, every office and every organisation. It has been widely spread in such a way that its very difficult to predict any business without it. Moreover we can say that business productivity is now also getting dependent upon it.
One of the important sector is Law. For the law firms best IT emphasis can come in shape of legal case management system. The use of software solution can bring the legal practice more effective compared to paper based system.
In the past lawyers, solicitors and the law firms were using paper based system for their cases and daily work. But now with advancement of new technologies lawyers and solicitors are much interested and looking for more efficient and innovative ways for their practice, law related work.
Legal case management system (LCMS), has completely changed the way of working of solicitors and the law firms.So let’s take a look on some of the benefits that Integlaw-Legal Case Management System and how it can help you in your law firm.

1-Legal Case Management System helps in making coordination with your partners :

We understand that for every lawyer, solicitor scheduling meeting with partners, clients can be a headache. First you compare the calendar with every one date and then you schedule on digital calendar or set meeting reminder on your phone. It takes time as you first need to discuss then you share timings with everyone. But using an updated legal case management software you can schedule your meetings on a single click . You can see other partner status under master schedule and send them message or email from a single click sharing purpose and timings of your meetings.

2- Document Management & communications

Managing the documents in law firm is a not any easy task, you have to make specific folders and then papers inside it. Also you have to bear printing costs, you have to do a research type work during your working timings if you need any file or document.
Using the legal case management software your all contact information and documents will be at one place and you can use them easily when needed. You just need to type the name of client under search box and you can find every information related to his case.You can access those documents from any place across the world and can mail also maintaining an effective communication with your partners and clients.You can save your precious time and utilise it in other important task and important case related work.

3-Work anywhere at anytime

Using a modern cloud based legal case management system you can work from anywhere at anytime. The secured platform provides you accessibility of working on your documents from any place and at anytime.This significant feature helps you while you are travelling or you are away from your office.

4-Helps you to understand your performance

For every law firm its very important to measure their growth and performance. It is very important to understand how your strategies are working. The best legal case management software enables you to find out the case flow. The way when you engage in your improvement strategy, you can be sure to have a complete understanding of the problem and working on them you get improved results that will be beneficial for your firm.

5- Time Tracking & billing

Now a days for all the solicitors, law firms its very important to have a software which can track their timings and billings. The feature helps you to calculate the billable amount automatically as your discussion starts you just need to start the timer and your billable amount will be generated as per your consultation fees.
A case management software is basically to help law firms and solicitors to manage their general law firm operations. It can save your time, your resources and overhead expenses also it maintain an effective communication with your partners and clients. If you are looking for a legal case management system you can contact us, can have a free trial of it.

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The legal case management software is explained well in the post. Keep sharing such valuable content!