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Run your practice - not out of time

Legal case management software is specifically designed to help and support you so you can run a successful law firm. Index cards to keep track of who needs to be billed or sitting in the law library for hours cross-referencing cases were all very well 20 years ago, but unfortunately, this takes time. Fortunately, though, law practice management systems allow you to manage your cases more effectively and thanks to such technological developments, billing is now done automatically and you can look up a case in seconds. 

Case management in one system

So, what do you look for in a legal management system? Will it save you time, increase income, help you find documents quicker, make your office more efficient; can you use it online, is it secure, will it give you the professional edge you are looking for, how much does it cost? Our case management system Integlaw was developed to meet all the needs of a busy solicitor or law practice, to ease the burden of paperwork so you can concentrate on being a lawyer. Of course, the client also reaps the benefits of your practice efficiency.

"INTEGLAW" the latest in technology

Our legal practice software incorporates all the features you would expect plus more and was designed for solicitors and other legal practices in mind. It uses the latest technology in software to bring you a fast accurate system where you can manage office processes and cases online.

Case Management Softwares, Law firms software in London

Some main features of our legal management system

Account Integration 

All accounting and office processes can be integrated into one user-friendly system, for example, balance sheets, billing, fees and case accounts.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

Provides all the marketing support you will need to increase your client base highlighting each prospective client and maintaining existing client relationships.

Data Storage 

All information relating to a particular case is archived or stored efficiently, enabling users to retrieve information quickly, securely and effortlessly.


A centralised diary option allows you to take a proactive approach and keep all caseworkers in the loop. The diary displays case workflow and any hearing dates and events.


Automation of processes and case management gives the user more time and freedom to concentrate on other areas.