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Digital money for a digital world

While the debate goes on about a cashless society the reality sees the ever increasing demand for digital currency or electronic money. It is not difficult to see why as the advantages of using electronic money speak for themselves. Transactions are instantaneous and transfers are borderless. It is so convenient and user-friendly, that you will never be caught out with no money on you. Either using digital money hardware such as chipped smart cards or software based products such as your mobile phone or tablet; you can pay for physical goods, pay a restaurant bill, or send some cash to a relative in an emergency. What is there not to like?

Our e-money software and services

We offer an electronic payment service to make your life easier with our e-wallet service where you can use e-money for money transfer and payments. Alternatively, if you are an electronic money institution or payment service provider you can take advantage of our own specifically dedicated software, GSL money, and launch your own branded product.

Bank Accounts

We offer UK based multi-currency bank accounts through our partner agencies. The client money remains with the tier-1 banks authorised by Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority.

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GSL eMoney

Our professional software solutions are ideal if you are an e-money institution because it speeds up market access time and accelerates processes enabling you to launch your own platform. You must be registered and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority if you issue and receive money on behalf of clients and operate as an e-money institution or payment service provider.

Some of the great benefits of using our GSL eMoney software

  • Launch your own branded product within days.
  • Accepts customer deposits in any currency
  • Unique customer deposit account, just like a bank account
  • Currency conversion from one to the other
  • Money transfer in any currency
  • Live foreign exchange quotes
  • Immediate payment to other customers with an active account
  • Payments via bank files, local or SWIFT files
  • Deposit money using bank transfer or debit cards
  • Full bank reconciliation report
  • Full financial ledger accounting with real-time journal entries posting
  • Full statement report
  • Secured authentication and encryption of key records
  • Highly accessible, scalable and easily customised platform for consistent growth opportunities


Make your life easier with our eWallet 

Basically, an e-wallet is just like your bank account where you can keep and access your money in any currency you choose. You can then transfer money to anyone or make payments, such as your mobile bill or even top up your e-money smartcard, which you can then use just like cash, except it is quicker safer and a lot more convenient.

What is more, you can convert one currency to another with a really good exchange rate almost instantaneously. You can also pay money into a designated bank branch throughout the UK or just simply make transfers from your own bank account. Additionally, payments to your intended beneficiaries can be made in any currency either locally or internationally.


Take a look at some of the benefits you get from using our electronic money services

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  • An alternative to credit or debit cards for changing money
  • Safe and secure payment service
  • Fast and reliable
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Transaction history is stored in a database for quick balance access