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Who we are

We are about providing software development and services to a wide range of businesses. We are based in London and our company was established in 2004, but we are about more than just coldly delivering IT solutions. We are about building relationships with our clients, working together on projects to achieve your expectations, to help your company grow, expand and succeed in the real world. We want you to be successful, prosperous and profitable and we want to be part of your success. Of course, we are about creating a successful business ourselves, offering the best products and the best services we possibly can. It goes without saying that success is about people, which is why we put so much emphasis on building great teams and working with talented professionals.


Bespoke Software Development in London, Software development companies

About you

It may sound clichéd, but we are passionate about IT, we are passionate about people and we are passionate about what we do. So to this end, we are keen to maintain and encourage best practices, provide the latest technology and work with the best people. Therefore, we expect our high-value solutions to help you grow your business, increase your reputation and reduce your costs. We are about being not only professional, with great teams and achieving your goals, but believe in competitive pricing structures whilst striving for the highest quality.



About what we do

Best Software company in UK, Bespoke Software Development in London

We are about specializing, focusing on detail, and delivering the highest quality. We offer dedicated solutions within the finance and banking sector dealing in, for example, foreign exchange, stocks and shares, derivatives, bonds and commodities.  Furthermore, all our IT services are Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol compliant. Our other financial products and solutions include money transfer and remittance products. This is not all we do though; we also have vast experience in providing business solutions, consultancy services, application outsourcing and HR outsourcing.

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