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Forex Pre-paid Cards

The modern way to travel

Forex pre-paid cards are a great alternative to traditional traveller’s cheques, credit or debit cards which can be expensive and are a lot safer than carrying cash. They are available in multiple currencies and are the obvious convenient way to travel; a brilliant way to organise your travel money.

Our Forex cards are pre-loaded with a single or multiple currency of your choice and can be used to withdraw cash abroad, check your balance or use them as a swipe card to shop. They are a safer alternative to cash because they require a PIN just like your debit or credit card giving you extra security and peace of mind. It’s the modern way to travel, what could be easier?

What our pre-paid cards can offer you

  • Protection against foreign exchange fluctuation
  • You can pre-load them with multiple and single currencies
  • Accepted worldwide and can be changed into the currency of the country you are in
  • Additional security with a temporary card blocking facility
  • You can securely change your PIN at an ATM at any time for extra convenience

You can also take advantage of the following exclusive features

  • 24/7 Global customer assistance service, which provides cardholders with quick access to emergency services, information and support
  • You can use your card online with E-com Transactions

For further details and information on our Forex cards, contact our support team who will be happy to deal with your query.