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Financial Change

While the image of the stuffy traditional bank with a conservative approach to finance may be fading, the banking and financial sector is still facing challenges every day, but of a different nature to the past in an environment which is ever changing. On the one hand, there is increased regulation restricting some services and adding more cost and on the other hand, deregulation with more risk and consumer disquiet. Of course, there is still the chilling memory of a major worldwide recession, which has led to a range of new competitors and perspectives to cope with.

New developments and technological advances have seen expansion and changes such as the fintech revolution. The movement reliant on speed, ease, and reduced costs, for example, super fast international money transfers -  a market driven by keen competition and a demanding client base.

Financial services

It is under these conditions that we are ideally placed to help your business grow, become more efficient, secure and stable. We can provide financial software and business solutions to improve your turnover and increase profit, while at the same time giving your customers the service levels they expect and rely on.

We use the best and latest technology and highly skilled professionals to provide quality services for the financial industry. This could be product enhancement and maintenance, Forex solutions, support for transactions dealing in treasury bonds, stocks and shares, derivatives or commodities. In fact, we are so confident in the services we deliver that we are sure you won’t need to look for another partner once you have us on board.

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Our methodology for working on your project

  • Typically, when we work on a new project we need to understand your main business objectives and expectations. It also includes finding out about your existing architecture. We will then carry out a Gap analysis to ascertain if the differences in performance between your various software applications are achieving your business aims. We need to define the end user and business requirements and based on these criteria, suggest an appropriate architecture design.
  • Following this analysis, we set out a plan and work scheme to support the initial project. We can then deliver multiple phased projects with defined milestones and targets. The system can then be implemented live after a thorough quality assurance lifecycle check. Finally, provide ongoing software application support as required.

Some reasons why you should use our financial services:

Remittance Software company London, Money remittance Software

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Minimised risk
  • Quick response to market change
  • Superior transaction speed
  • Secure systems
  • Transparency