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Leading the way

Good leadership is many things to many people, but we believe that strong leadership comes from talent, skill, knowledge and experience. To build a successful company, leaders need to be open, flexible, decisive, honest, ethical, fair and good listeners, putting a high value on creating secure relationships.

A good leader must have vision and drive and be able to communicate on all levels. From a practical point of view, our management team must also have the relevant specialist skills associated with steering a software and IT outsourcing company through the 21st century. On one level they need to be able to talk creatively with software developers and on another manage large IT projects, manage client relationships, understand the market for our money transfer and remittance software or recruit the best people for a new team. In other words, our managers need and indeed possess an exceptionally broad skill set.

Our company is led by experienced professionals who are not only talented having all of the above qualities, but have received extensive training and development in management and leadership. We believe investing in people is the right way to find the best leaders.


Mr. Pankaj Awasthi has an experience of more than 20 years in Financial Technology and Project Management. His responsibilities encompass providing IT Consulting which includes strategic planning, direction and execution of the business ideas. He has rich corporate experience in various industry verticals like Banking, Financial, IT Consulting, Legal Case Management System, Forex, Electronic Money and Marketing. His expertise and knowledge comes from his experience gained by managing various projects of different industries.

Mr. Pankaj comes from an extensive technology background and has great experience and knowledge in Fintech Sector. With the inception of General Softwares Limited he has served globally respected IT and banking companies, successfully managed software projects and developed innovative products and business critical solutions.