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As there is cut throat competition in the market and everyday new technologies are coming in the market so its very important for every business to know and understand about the technologies that are on top most demand. Five technologies which are on top most demand by most of the organisation and you must know about them . These are some amazing technologies that are going to rule over in the next coming years, these are the technologies that are developing people's interest are:-

1. Artificial Intelligence- 
Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for machine to learn from experience and let you adjust new inputs and perform human like tasks. Using these technologies any machine operated with computer can be trained to meet specific tasks by processing the data and delivering the needed output.

2. Machine learning-
Its a branch of Artificial Intelligence based on the idea that system can learn from the data,identify the patterns and make intellectual decisions with minimum intervention of humans.

3. Deep learning -
It is a type of machine learning that trains a computer to perform like a humans,such as recognising speech,identifying images and making predictions. As we are seeing on our daily life using our electronic gazettes like mobile where we use our voice recognition for locking and unlocking the phone and also face recognition for the same.Deep learning helps the computer to recognise various patterns and processing.

4. Natural language processing -
Its a branch of AI which helps the computer to understand interpret and manipulate human language.Natural language processing helps in establishing communication between computer and humans by simplifying the basics like to read text, speak, measure the sentiments and also determine which parts are important

5- Computer vision -
Its an another important field of artificial intelligence which helps the computer to recognise, interpret and understand the visual world.

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